Soloon Studio is a fresh brand that emerged from combining the love for architecture design and the majestic techniques of traditional silversmithing.

Our main belief is that beauty lies in simplicity and we try to incorporate a minimal approach to everything we do. From design and presentation, to material choices, working environment and lifestyle we try to keep everything not necessary out of the production procedure. 

For Soloon Studio, the term handmade is not a label or a market trend but a life mentality. Therefore we design, construct, test and finally deliver to you products that hold a piece of our personal story.

All our pieces are carefully handcrafted in our studio in The Hague, by Katerina Pimenidu herself with lots of love and attention to the detail.

"There is elegance in simplicity" and we want you to shine within your own skin!


Katerina Pimenidu is an award winning jewelry designer whose passion for design originated in the fields of architecture.

She graduated from School of Architecture in 2006 and has been working as an architect ever since. In 2009 she obtained a Msc in Urban/Regional Planning and in 2010 was accepted as a PhD student at the National Technical University of Athens. Her thesis was never completed as during her studies she realized that her big passion lies in design and not in research. 

In 2014 she graduated from Silver & Goldsmithing School of Stemnitsa, Greece and in 2015 she started her jewelry career with her brand 'KATERINA PIMENIDU Jewellery". The same year she deputed her first jewelry collection "The Floating Pearl" and won the 1st place at the 'Young Designers Corner" Design Competition at the Munich Show.

She also holds the 3rd Place and 1st Honor at the National Jewelry Design Competition "Kosmima" in 2013 and 2014.

Katerina founded Soloon Studio in 2017 as a "prêt-à-porter" version of her primary brand  "KATERINA PIMENIDU Jewellery".

Good design has no borders, no limitations and no restrictions. With Soloon Studio I want to bring good design, elegance and sophistication in the everyday life and make women feel confident and stylish every hour of their day!